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XIV Aniversario Luctuoso

Enero 2013        XIV Aniversario Luctuoso
Federico Cantu nace el Domingo 3 de Marzo de 1907   Cadereyta de Jiménez NL

Fourteenth death anniversary in January 2013

Federico Cantu born on Sunday March 3 1907 NL Cadereyta Jimenez
And died on Sunday January 29, 1989 Mexico City

Federico Cantu was born in Cadereyta Nuevo Leon , Mexico on March 3, 1907. As a young boy, he was interested in art, and in 1922 became a student at the Open Air School of Painting in Coyoacan under the tutelage of Alfredo Ramos Martinez.
 At that point in history, the Open Air School was intent on encouraging the production of a uniquely Mexican art. 

Unfortunately for the Open Air School, Cantu was not destined to be an artist who created such work. By the age of 15, Cantu was studying masters in European museums,Académie Colarossi , primarily in France and Spain. He was a student in Jose de Creeft’s sculpture studio and studied the great works of painters such as Botticelli, Picasso, and El Greco. He then spent a few years in the United States, splitting time between Los Angeles 1928-1929 and New York 1937-1941, where he accomplished great gallery successes. It would be approximately 10 years before Cantu would return to his native Mexico. 

In 1922, Federico was taken on by Diego Rivera to assist on the Ministry of Education project. Cantu mixed paint colors, traced cartoons onto the walls and painted occasional simple passages within the mural. As a professional artist, Cantu went on to paint many religious scenes, nudes, harlequins, portraits, and in his older years, even tried his hand at sculpting. Federico Cantu died in Mexico City in 1989.


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